Iams vs. Eukanuba

Difference Between Iams and Eukanuba

Iams and Eukanuba are both popular brand names, manufactured and owned by Procter and Gamble. They are very popular food products when it comes to one’s pet cat and dog food.


Iams was manufactured with a mission to provide dogs and cats with superior quality food than what was available in the market. Among a wide array of products Iams have, there are many types of dog and cat food. Including food that are suitable for the kittens and puppies they also offer food that are customized according to the pet’s nutrition.


Eukanuba was created with a mission to represent the product of best quality that was produced by Iams. Iams wanted Eukanuba to be the best from the rest of its kind. Most of the ingredients used in Eukanuba are of premium quality. Under the brand name Eukanuba, Iams are selling a variation of nutrition pet foods. They sell both dry and wet foods.

Although Iams and Eukanuba were initially created by Procter and Gamble they still have differences. Iams was the first one to be created and it made a name in the cat and dog food industry. However in order to raise the quality, Eukanuba was created and by creating Eukanuba Iams showed that all products under the brand name Eukanuba are the best.  Iams sell various types of both cat and dog food so the scope of Iams is bigger. On the other hand, Eukanuba sells only those products whose ingredients are considered premium in quality so it has a naturally narrow scope.