Ice Skates vs. Roller Skates

Difference between ice skates and roller skates

The truth of the matter about the two words that that we are comparing is basically the fact that both are footwear that are used in enhancing movement in active sessions of ice skating and general skating activities.  It is also important for us to note that ice skating is not only a pleasurable recreational activity, but it is also a world class professional sport that is practiced even in the globally acclaimed winter Olympics.

Since skating involves stylish movement in smooth ice or smooth wooden tough, the use of appropriate equipment that comes in the form and shape of ice and roller skates should be observed. Roller skates in definition or description can be said to be footwear that have rollers or wheels at their surface which provide the required ease of movement on a surface by their wearer or user. Ice skates in contrast with roller skate have blades on the surface and are generally used to enhance ease of movement on the ice surface. Although as it will seem to be very obvious that both ice skates and roller skates are used all to enhance ease of movement in surfaces, the main differentiation is based on the actual design of either.

In design, roller skates basically have rollers or four small wheels that help the skater to navigate through on a hard surface. In between the rollers are the friction reducing ball bearings and the stopper endowing the part near the heels allows the individual to halt movement without much difficulty. Roller skates posses very good balancing capabilities. When it comes to ice skates, their basic characteristic is simply based on the fact that it consists of a blade underneath the leather boot which allows easy movement on the ice. The picked blades enhance grip on the ice and indeed the whole blade is made of steel such that, it softly glides on the ice instead of digging it.

The basic difference is the fact that when it comes to roller skates, the application of wheels is used while in ice skates blades are preferred. It is also important to note that the two equipments have profound efficiency and the talent of the concerned sportsman or for that matter user will be spotted out if not further enhanced.