Difference between ICRC and IFRC

Then International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) is a non-governmental organization in Geneva Switzerland .The ICRC offers humanitarian services to victims of both civil and International aggressions like wars, captivity and any other form of persecutions.

The International Federation of Red Cross was established way back in 1919 and has continued to offer assistance to affected victims regardless of their political views, religion, cultural practices or even their nationalities. IFRC comprises 186 Red Cross societies, over 60 delegates and a secretariat in Geneva Switzerland.

Both ICRC and IFRC are wings of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society. The ICRC with Nobel peace prices for best humanitarian society in the years 1917, 1944 and 1963, remains the most respected society in the word.

The staff of the ICRC is multinational with half of it owing its citizenship to Switzerland in the year 2004 while the other staff came from among other countries in the world. I n turn some 1300 national employees are hired in order to assist the International staff in service delivery. On the other hand IFRC undertakes relief activities in calamity stricken areas and also pulling the strengths of the individual member societies.

The IFRC specifically deals with disaster preparedness and response to it, upgrading of humanitarian services as well as taking care of the public health .It is vital to understand that both the ICRC and IFRC are co-ordinated by the Secretariat to ensure that there is ample capacity to assist victims as well as cooperation between national societies.

After every four years, members elect their president to head the ICRC and who is also a member and is always included since the formation of the council.