Idea vs. Concept

Difference Between Idea and Concept

The idea and concept are two words that are often confused because of the similarity appeared in their meanings. Strictly speaking there is the difference between the two words. The idea refers to a plan formed by mental effort. On the other hand the concept refers to a procedure. This is the main difference between the idea and concept.

The idea is formed by an individual while a concept is generally made ​​by a group of individuals. It is also a significant difference between the two words. Look at the two sentences

1. I had the idea of ​​writing a book on Italian cuisine.

2. Do you have an idea?

In the first sentence the ​​word idea refers ‘plan’ to write a book on Italian cuisine. In the second sentence as the word ‘idea’ refers ‘the plan’.

Consider the two sentences given below

1. It is a political concept.

2. Members did not accept the concept.

In the first sentence the word ‘concept’ refers to a certain procedure in the second sentence so it refers to a procedure or process.

The word ‘idea’ often refers to a mental impression. Sometimes it refers to a vague concept as in the sentence ‘I had an idea that you were married’. In this sentence the speaker was not sure if the person was married or not. Now the word ‘idea’ in the sentence refers to a kind of vague notion.

Another difference between the idea and the concept is that an idea is not abstract in nature while the concept is abstract in nature. A concept is an abstract notion. Sometimes the word ‘concept’ refers to an idea that is used to sell an item or product to customers. In other words a concept is used to sell a product. These are the differences between the idea and concept.





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    Whoever wrote this didn’t think it through very well. Concept is a procedure while idea is plan? A plan is a procedure. A procedure is a plan. There is no difference. Also, concepts and ideas are both abstract. A concept would be better understood as a kind of idea. Both abstract, both can be plans, both can be thought up by an individual or group.