Imaginarium Trains vs. Thomas Friends

Difference Between Imaginarium Trains and Thomas Friends

These are two toy train systems. Children like them very much. They are available in the market. Every child has a liking for trains real as well as toy. Thomas and Friends is a TV program for kids in which has an engine and his friend. Children like watching it with fun. Many companies have made toy trains just like real trains so as to reproduce a magic for kids. Thomas and Friends is a wooden railway toy system. It is created by Learning curve in Chicago. It is sold all over the world. Another wooden train toy system is Imagnarium. Let us try to find the difference between the two.

Thomas and friends is characterized by a British TV series of the same name. The system comprises a track place on a table with a number of accessories such as people, tunnels, bridges and buildings. The station is a model of real one. The system is so attractive and solid that children remain glued to it for hours. It is durable as its parts are sturdy. It is a very expensive toy train which costs about $500 and is beyond the reach of many parents.

On the other hand Imaginarium Trains is a similar toy train. It has a hundred pieces and gives an appearance of Thomas and Friends. It parts are not so sturdy as compared to the parts of Thomas and Friends. Some of them are delicate and should be handled with care. However, it is quite attractive and impressive. Its price is half of the price of Thomas and Friends. The system involves sounds, motion and working. Children love it no less than Thomas and friends. Those parents who cannot afford the price of Thomas and Friends may purchase Imaginarium Trains. It is equally impressive.



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