Immigration vs. Migration

Difference Between Immigration and Migration

Immigration and Migration are two very different words because of their usage.


Immigration is derived from the Latin word ‘immigrare’ which means ‘to go into’ and it indicates the movement of people to a country. There is permanent movement in the case of immigration. An immigrant is a person who moves in a country. Every country is more concerned about the reason behind the immigration of its own citizens to some other place. So we find that the laws of immigration are very strict.


Unlike the word immigration, migration means ‘moving to a place momentarily’. People migrate to another place temporarily either to work or to stay for a short time. Migratory birds from Siberia are generally found to migrate from one place to another place during special seasons for want of better living conditions and prey. These birds return back to their homeland after sometime. This is the main difference between migration and immigration. Migration on the other hand is quite natural and not controlled by legal methods or rules.