in vs. within in

Understanding  the difference between in   and   within

In  and  within  may  appear  similar  but  their  use  in  English grammar  is  quite  different. In is a preposition which describes a noun’s location. In  describes  a  specific  object  or  person  in  a  certain  area  or  place . For  instance  in the  following  sentence  in  describes  the  location  of  the  object –ball . The  ball  is  in  the  store, in  this  case  the  store  being  the  place  being  described  by  the  preposition  in .

Within clearly brings out the sense   of   right inside. For  example , I will do  all that  is  within  my  capability .In  the  above sentence  within  brings  about  the  idea  of  whatever  which  is  under  the  umbrella  of  his  capability .

When  used  with  other  words the words in  and  within can bring  out  different  meanings , like  in the  following  case .  He  arrived  on  time,  this  means that  he was   not  late   .In  another  sentence  like  the  following  the  meaning  changes  completely. i.e  He  arrived  within  two  hours ,  this  implies  that  he  arrived  sometimes  less  than two  hours  after a specific time .

Thus  according  to  the  argument  above  it  is  of interest  to  note  that  in   is used  to  mean  less than  or  below  while  within  is  used  to  imply  before .

Taking  a  look  at  the  sentence ; He came  in two  hours  you  get  an  impression  that  he  came  at  the  end  of  two  hours  hence  the  preposition in  is  used to mean that  as  the  two hours were ending  he  showed  up . These two words are also combined with other verbs.