India vs. Japan

Difference between India and Japan


Japan is located to the extreme east of Asia. Japan is a chain of islands. The government of Japan is unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The economy of Japan is based on production of electronics, machine tools, steel, ships, chemical substances and motor vehicles. It is also famous for its banking, insurance, transportation, real estate and telecommunication.


India is located in the South-east of Asia. It is a peninsular country, with seas on either three sides of its southern region. India is a sovereign democratic republic country. India’s economy is based on petroleum products, textile goods, engineering goods, software, gems and jewellery, chemicals, fertilizers, machinery and crude oil.

  • Japan is economically more stable than India. Industries in Japan are also more advanced than India. The currency used in India is the rupee whereas yen is the currency in Japan.
  • Japan has a temperate climate. The climate of Japan varies from north to south. However the climate in India has four different types called the tropical wet, tropical dry, subtropical humid and mountain exist in India.
  • India is characterized by the presence of several races whereas Japan has a single race.