Individual Training vs. Team Training

Difference Between Individual Training and Team Training

The team training and individual training are two different approaches to training. Both have different purposes, having their own merits and demerits. Most organizations adopt a hybrid model that is a mixture of team and individual approach.

Individual training is aimed at developing specific capabilities of an individual and in most cases this type of training need is identified during the process of evaluating employee performance. Individual training is suitable for developing specialized skills or softskills.

The team training is used to prepare a team for new projects or to provide an awareness of the whole company or any department or provide basic knowledge on certain subjects. The need is identified at the corporate level or department during the process of business planning. It is suitable to provide a knowledge-based training such as training on new processes and procedures.

When you want to develop the team building / working it is better to adopt a mixture of both approaches. The team training will assist in developing the relationship and synergy among team members.


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