Influenza Vs. Pneumonia

Difference Between Influenza And Pneumonia

Influenza is a type of viral disease that affects the nose, throat and bronchi and sometimes even lungs .Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs and is associated with a kind of feverish condition. It is even followed by chest infection, cough and difficult breathing.

Flu lasts only for a week but influenza lasts longer .Influenza attacks the upper respiratory tract such as nose, throat.

A person with pneumonia may face serious respiratory problems as the disease is generally more severe in the lungs. Pneumonia may be secondary infection which can be initiated by the flu.

When left untreated bacterial pneumonia can prove to be fatal state or a condition. Home treatment, drug intake is prescribed for the flu.

It is best advised to visit a doctor to know the ultimate causes. Some even get the check at the very beginning stage.


1. Pneumonia is a secondary infection and more serious than flu.

2. Pneumonia must be treated with antibiotics but flu can be treated wit home remedies.

3. Pneumonia is a bacterial infection which is caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and other parasites but flu is a viral infection.

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