Internet vs. Web

Difference Between Internet And Web


Internet is a platform of interconnecting computers developed primarily as a communication system. It was developed during the Cold War. Internet includes nodes, hosts, routers and servers, connected by arcs. Internet consists of the connection networks of different sizes connected in turn to form the gigantic circuit which now covers virtually the entire world. It is now considers as the network of networks.

This giant infrastructure based on the definition ISO / OSI communication, have been structured hundreds of services and applications that have been expanding day after day. Among the most popular applications include the web services such as e-mail, Telnet and VoIP. Each of these services uses in its own way a particular protocol stack that manages the creation, transfer, control and reading of information from one node to another. Famous Protocols are TCP, IP and ‘SMTP.


The Web is also called WWW or World Wide Web. It is a service that allows by means of browser to reach, save and share a wide variety of media. It spreads information and distributes nodes on the Internet. The Web uses the TCP / IP and HTTP as well as a number of languages ‚Äč‚Äčamong which the ‘HTML is the main.

In 1991 Sir Berners-Lee put on-line the first Web site. Since then, Web-based services are increasing fast. Many applications have been developed such as browser, from Mosaic to explorer, from Firefox to Chrome and the number of internet users have rapidly increased. The dematerialization has allowed the flourishing of new businesses as E-commerce, The search engines and the social networks.


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