Interpol vs. Europol

Difference Between Interpol and Europol

Both Interpol and Europol are intelligence agencies which have different functions.


Interpol stands for International Criminal Police Organization and it was created in 1914. Its headquarters is at Quai Charles de Gaulle in Lyon, France. The chief function of Interpol is to help the cooperation among other international police organizations. Interpol has the power to conduct criminal investigations in different arenas like genocide, terrorism, crimes against humanity, money laundering, war crimes and several other kinds of crimes. The Interpol officials have the right and the power to conduct investigations and also make arrests of the suspects in connection with the crimes committed in the areas of money laundering, terrorism, genocide etc.


On the other hand Europol is an intelligence agency of the European Union. Unlike the Interpol the chief function of Europol is to facilitate the cooperation of the various intelligence organizations of the countries in Europe. Europol is not entitled to make arrests of the suspects who are related to the various crimes across the continent of Europe. They can extend their support to the other intelligence agencies in the member countries where crimes of different kinds are committed. The officials of Europol are not authorized to conduct investigations and question the suspects in connection with the various crimes.


Interpol is a very large organization when compared to the intelligence agency of Europol with as many as 178 independent nations and 14 sub-bureaus or dependencies as its members of the Interpol.