Invention vs. Discovery

Difference Between Invention and Discovery

As children studying the basic of science, math, and history, we often came across the words Invention and Discovery, two terms which in our young minds we thought were one and the same. However, further study has shown that the two terms are actually different from each other. When you invent something, you create an object that does not previously exist, to discover something means to find something that already exist. An example of this is when the bicycle was invented, and how Penicillin was discovered.

To invent an object means to have thought about the object you wish to make and making it into a reality. To discover something means you find an object that is already present in nature but you have come upon it either on purpose or by accident.

Invention makes full use of your brain’s imaginative and analytical capacity to make an object that has nit existed on earth before. Some of man’s inventions are the telephone, automobiles, bullet trains, and computers…all of which has never existed in nature. Examples of discoveries will include the discovery of the antibiotic Penicillin, diamonds, rare flora and fauna, and dinosaur remains.

When an object is discovered or invented, it is announced to the public so that they may know. Invention is synonymous with creation; Discovery is synonymous with a famous find. Also, invention does not entail travelling and explorations; Discovery involves exploration. Invention is a process; discovery does not need a process. Inventions take plenty of experimentation; Discovery is finding something that is already present in nature but is unknown to the public. Invention is usually man- made, discoveries are found in nature.


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