Invoice vs. Statement

Difference Between Invoice and Statement

When we get a credit card statement, we get a bill or an invoice. There is a difference between invoice and a statement. A few people know the difference between the two. We get a statement from our credit card company while we get an invoice from an electricity company or a gas company. Let us know the difference between the two.


Invoice is a request for a payment in turn of a service or goods supplied. An invoice reminds us that we should pay for the good or services rendered to us by a company or something else. When an invoice is given to us, it is mandatory to make a payment. When we are using a post paid account, we have to pay the amount on getting an invoice for the service we have got. There is no invoice in case we are using the prepaid account. An invoice contains all the details about a good or a service. For example it contains rate of the goods or service, period of time within which we have to make the payment.  Grand total and discounts are also mentioned in the document called invoice.


A statement is a document given by a supplier to the purchaser. It lists the amount paid by the buyer along with the details of all the goods and services provided by the supplier till a specific date. The amount the buyer owes to the supplier is mentioned at the end of the statement. If we are using credit card, the statement will mention the balance brought forward with any purchase we do in a month. The payment which has been paid and the current balance which is to be paid are also mentioned in the statement. So, there is a basic difference between an invoice and a statement.


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