Is vs. Are In English Grammar

Difference Between Is and Are In English Grammar

Is and Are, are two words that are totally different as in they are a singular word and a plural word respectively. While both of them are auxiliary verbs, both ‘is’ and ‘are’ indicate the state ‘to be’.

While ‘is’ indicates the singular form of ‘to be’ it is used in the present tense. As for example “Ana is in Serbia” the verb ‘is’ describes that presently Ana is in Serbia.

‘Are’ indicates the plural form of the state “to be” and is also used in present tense. As for example “Louis and Rhonda are in the school”. In this sentence ‘are’ indicates that presently Louis and Rhonda are in school.

The verb ‘is’ is used in sentences that ask questions and in confirmative assertions. The word ‘is’ is also used to in present continuous tense as well. Let us have examples

“Is it the dog that was lost?”

“Yes, it is.”

“The dog is barking.”

The verb is also used in affirmative sentences. Let us have examples of it also.

“Rowena is a foul tempered girl” and “Mark is a fat guy”.

Sometimes ‘is’ is used as an auxiliary verb in exclamatory senses. As for example “What a spectacular performance that is!” Similarly ‘are’ is also used in exclamatory sense like “How mean those boys are!” and “Look how noisy these people are!”


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