Islam vs. Yahudi

Difference Between Islam and Yahudi

Islam and Yahudi are two kinds of different religious beliefs.


Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with over a billion followers all over the world. According to Islam, the followers are to worship Allah. They follow the ideals of Qur’an, which is their sacred book. Other beliefs include observance of Salah or ritual prayer, fasting, and abstaining from certain foods like alcohol. Islam started when the Angel Jibril, gave Prophet Muhammad the book of Revelation. Islam is based on the teachings of Mohammed the Prophet. The powerbase of the followers of Islam is the Prophet. The economic status of the Muslims is quite low when compared to that of the Yahudi.


Yahudi is the name of a belief of the Yahudah tribe that says that Allah is the only God. Allah is the powerbase of the Yahudis. Yahudi originated due to a split in the Israelite rule as a result of which the northern split was called Israel and the southern split was called Yahudah. Yahudi tribe is economically very strong. This is one of the primary reasons why Yahudi controls the Israel of today. Yahudis have moved into Palestine and have gained more independence and in the current they are not considered as the non-believers.