Isolation vs. Rehabilitation

Difference Between Isolation and Rehabilitation

Both isolation and rehabilitation indicates to a state of loneliness. However there are striking differences between them.


When a person who is regarded as a threat to the surrounding people and also to himself, he is punished by being sent to prison. Another term used for this is solitary confinement as the prisoner is completely shut off from the outside world and only people to communicate with the person are the prison staffs. Isolation is a punishment that is given to already imprisoned individuals or prisoners having suicidal tendencies. Isolation is a last resort for people who are so potentially dangerous that they cannot be left loose.


Rehabilitation is a way of correcting the negative habits of a person e.g.- being a drug addict or an alcoholic or mentally unstable. The purpose of this is to provide a person with a way to go back to the normal ways of life. Rehabilitation is able to eliminate whatever addiction a person has. It also helps those who have the tendency for something negative. Rehabilitation is about correcting whatever bad deed or habit a person has to restore his positive disposition. It is a step-by-step program in which an individual needs to undergo in order to fully restore his old self. Unlike isolation, rehabilitation can be given to those who can still be part of a normal society once the process is done.