Jacobite Syrian Christian Church vs. Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch

Difference Between Jacobite and Orthodox

The history of the Christian community in Kerala dates back to the coming of St. Thomas in India in 52AD. He started his mission in a place called Malankara in Kerala when there were about 400 Syrian Christian came over to settle in the town. From there, the Christian community in Kerala has grown to its present heights. In due course of the spread of Christianity, the church in Kerala split into two different denominations such as Jacobite Syrian Christian Church and Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch.


Malankara Orthodox Church is one of the ancient Churches in India which is dated as far back as 52AD when one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, St. Thomas came to India and established Christianity in the South Western parts of the country especially Kerala. St. Thomas established 7 churches in Kerala and appointed priests for them from 4 families.


History refers to Jacobites as members of Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and the entire east. Missionary activities of the Jacobites use to be dated from some of the earliest periods of Christianity. The apostle Thomas is credited with laying the foundation stone for the Malabar church. The Monophysites of Syria came to be known as Jacobites, probably named after Jacob Baradai. He was a monk who lived in a monastery near Edessa. According to some the name Jacobites comes from Jacob, the biblical patriarch.