Johnnie Walker Black Label vs. Blue Label

Difference between Johnnie Walker Black Label and Blue Label

Johnnie Walker, one of the most popular brands of whiskies, offers five different blends of whiskies: Red, Black, Green, Gold, and Blue labels. These labels are different in both their flavors and mood creations.

What is Black Label?

The Johnnie Walker Black label, which was introduced in 1870, is a rich and smooth blend of around 40 of Scotland’s very best whiskies and is matured for 12 years. It is a long drink that can be consumed either mixed or by itself. The Black label’s trademark is “Hidden Depths”.

What is Blue Label?

Johnnie Walker Blue label, the latest and premium blend of the brand, is a blend of rare and expensive malts and superior grains. It is handcrafted and matured in Oak wood for a very long period of time, much longer than the other blends. It has multi-layered flavors, which, in turn, gives a multi-layered experience. The Blue label has actually won a number of awards due to its excellent aroma and feel. Its high quality, character, and flavor make it more expensive than the Black label. Its trademark is “Rare and Exclusive”.

 A brief summary:

  • Blue label is the latest and premium blend of Johnnie Walker
  • Black label takes 12 years to mature while Blue label, which needs to be matured in Oak wood, takes much longer
  • Blue label is more expensive due to its high quality, character, and flavor
  • Black label is known as the “Hidden Depths” while Blue label is “Rare and Exclusive”.