Johnnie Walker Red Label vs. Black Label

Difference between Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label

Johnnie Walker offers five blends of whiskies: Red, Black, Green, Gold, and Blue labels. Each of these blends has their own unique flavor and feel. The Red label and Black label are low to medium end products but they are also the most popular ones.

What is Red Label?

Red label is a blend of light and dark peaty whiskeys, which are obtained from the east and west coasts, respectively. It contains around 35 grain and malt whiskies, and is said to have a maturity age of 8 years. It is known for its freshness, spicy flavors, and long, lingering, smoky finish. It is perfect for mixed drinks but can also be taken on its own. Johnnie Walker actually brands it as “Full of Character” due to this versatility. Red label is the cheapest whisky out of the five blends.

What is Black Label?

Black label is a rich and smooth blend of around 40 of Scotland’s very best whiskies and is matured for 12 years. It has a smoky malt and fruity flavor at first and then finish with a sweet vanilla and raisin flavor. Like the Red label, it can be consumed either mixed or by itself.

A brief summary:

  • Red label and Black label are two of the most popular whiskies in the world
  • Red label matures in around 8 years while Black label matures in 12
  • Both can be consumed either mixed or alone
  • Red label is cheaper than Black label