Justice vs. Revenge

Difference between Justice and Revenge

Every action has an equal reaction. To seek justice or revenge are just two of the things you can do to let someone know that they did something wrong to you. Although they may seem similar, there is actually a significant difference between the two.

What is Justice?

Justice is an action of fairness. It means that when someone does something wrong, they have to suffer the consequences that come with it. This may not necessarily mean that they also have to suffer the exact same thing that they have done to others. There is actually something called the justice system, which is a systematic way of punishing those who did wrong. Usually, it is the judge that gives the appropriate punishment and not the offended.

What is Revenge?

Revenge is an act that is based on anger and hate. As the popular saying goes, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Vengeful people often do to the wrongdoers what the wrongdoers have done to them. This does not only lead to chaos and disorder but also to punishment for both parties.

A brief summary:

  • Justice is an act based on fairness while revenge is based on anger and hate
  • Justice is about solving things in a systematic manner while revenge is about doing unto others what others have done unto them, in a negative way
  • Punishment in justice is usually determined by a judge while matters are taken into own in hands in revenge

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