Justice vs. Revenge

Difference Between Justice and Revenge

When something incorrect or unjust is done to someone, we refer to words such as justice and revenge. Such things are done to make the other realize his or her mistake and face the consequences.


Derived from ‘just’ meaning fair, justice refers to a kind of notice to a person who has done wrong, and needs to face the aftermath. We follow rules and a justice system created by the society which is a systemized was of punishment to the wrong-doers.


Revenge is done to a person who offends the other. The one who chooses this alternative does this only in anger and hatred. It’s like tit for tat. If someone does wrong to you, you are bound to do something wrong to him too.


When you do justice, you are eradicating complications and glitches and doing something fair. But in revenge you are being ruled over by your emotions that lead to madness. The best option lies in letting the system to judge and conclude the kind of punishment a person should get. This is what the justice system is all about. In revenge, a person is doing the same thing that he felt was wrong when the other did to him. In that way both the individuals are guilty for their doings and both deserve punishment. A mistake can’t be corrected by another mistake. Justice and revenge are poles apart. Justice shows fairness while revenge brings out the anger and has no answer to the problem.


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