Kefir vs. Yogurt

Difference Between Kefir and Yogurt

Apart from the fact both are milk products Kefir and Yogurt have similarities in taste and qualities. However in spite of all the similarities, these two milk products are quite different. The factor that marks the difference between kefir and yogurt is their fermentation procedure. Thus it is quite evident that the process of fermentation in case of yogurt and kefir is totally different.

The process of fermentation by which kefir is prepared includes both yeast and bacteria unlike the fermentation process of yogurt that includes only bacteria. This is one vital difference between Kefir and Yogurt. It does not take to be a rocket scientist to know that bacteria are one of the chief components in the process of Kefir and Yogurt making. Researches tell us that the bacteria that are found in Kefir are more health friendly than the bacteria that are found in the yogurt. Thus kefir has a nutritious value that is higher than that of the yogurt.

One of the reasons why yogurt is so health friendly is that its proper intake assists in the nourishment of other bacteria that are present in the digestive system. Kefir is much smaller in size than the yogurt, as a result of which it is quite easily digested. This also sets these substances apart. Both of these food stuffs have different medicinal values. Doctors recommend the intake of kefir because it cleans the tracts of the intestine. Yogurt consumption cleans up the digestive system. The individual bacteria that are present in the milk products result in this effect.

It is very much possible to administer fresh milk with some other food stuff made of Yogurt to create Yogurt. The production of kefir never does allow this type of inoculation. Kefir owes its food value to the presence of yeast and bacteria in it. It is very easily digested, so it is preferred by children and people of old age. Kefir is also a good food stuff that maintains a healthy colon.


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