Kerala vs. Goa

Difference betwee Kerala and Goa

Kerala and Goa are two Indian states that differ in many ways. This article is meant to help determine these differences.

What is Kerala?

Kerala is an Indian state that is located in southwest India. It has a wet and maritime tropical climate and has a total area of 15,005 square miles. Rainfall is at least 130 days a year, which is why it is known for its fertile lands. Since it has the highest human development index, Kerala’s economy is triggered by its service sectors, especially tourism. Kerala is actually one of the oldest cultural centers in the country, starting trade from as early as 3000 BC. They are composed of Hindus and Christians.

What is Goa?

Goa is an Indian state characterized by its hot and humid climate. It is also located in southwest India, and occupies a total area of only about 1,429 square miles. It is actually the smallest Indian state in terms of area and the fourth smallest in terms of population. Goa is known for its wild life, which is actually responsible for tourism in the state. It thrives on crops and is actually considered the richest Indian state in terms of GDP per capita. Its history can be traced back to the 3rd century BC and their main religion is Buddhism.

In summary:

  • Kerala and Goa are both located in southwest India
  • Kerala has a wet and maritime tropical climate while Goa is hot and humid
  • Kerala’s total area is 15,005 square miles while Goa’s is only 1,429 square miles
  • Kerala is known for its fertile lands while Goa, for its wildlife
  • Both economies are triggered by tourism
  • Kerala’s main religions are Hinduism and Christianity while Goa’s is Buddhism

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  • Tia

    The tourism is Goa is hardly driven by wildlife.It is mainly the beaches,the low restriction on Alcohol,and the Rave scene.The major religions of Goa re Hinduism and Christianity,Buddhism is negligible.