Knowledge vs. Information

Difference Between Knowledge and Information

Our mind perceives, thinks and reacts to all the things that happen around us. The way our mind reacts to things is different for any individual. Our knowledge as well as the information that we gather is all stored in our brain only. To many the information as well as knowledge is all but the same, But in reality many differences exist between these two words. Both these are the facts registered in the brain from the experiences and incidents that the individual has been through in his past.

Information is nothing but facts or data that have been put inside the brain by relating them to various aspects of knowledge. It is something that needs to be processed by our brain so that the information can be put to some use in the future. It is equivalent to the processing of data in case of a computer database where the information is collected from the input and then processed to give the desired output.

Knowledge on the other hand is the compact collection of the information gathered by the brain so that it can be made useful to the individual. When a particular person receives information regarding a particular topic in such a way that the information has been fitted permanently in the brain, then that information turns to the knowledge of the person because that information can be put to use by the individual any time in the near of far future. The knowledge is an asset to that individual.

The best example to explain the meaning of knowledge is the number tables and the alphabets that we learn during our elementary schooling. We memorise all of it and then improve our knowledge and this knowledge is something that is useful for us all throughout our life in day to day communication as well as calculations.


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