Kohl vs. Eyeliner

Difference Between Kohl and Eyeliner

The eyeliner is used to double the beauty of eyes. Eyeliners come in various forms they can be gel eyeliner, wax eyeliner, liquid eyeliner or liquid Kohl eyeliner.

The eyeliner was in use since old age. It was used in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt around 10,000 BC. The eyeliner was not just used to give beauty to the eyes, but also protects the eyes.

Kohl eyeliner has a soft texture which is smooth and soft on eyes. It just glides on the curves of eyes and gives them a silky touch. Kohl has a greater oil content which makes it to stain quickly.

Kohl eyeliner has some medicinal properties too. Normal eyeliner can not sustain for long time if you wash your face, the kohl eyeliner remains at its place for 2-3 days even if face is washed every day.

The normal eyeliner is applied just above the eye lashes and the kohl eyeliner has its application between the eyelashes.


1. Eyeliners has been in use since Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt in 10,000 BC.

2. Kohl eyeliner has its use since 3000 BC.

3 Kohl eyeliner is soft on eyes when compared to other eyeliners.

4. Kohl gives a silky end which is not the case with other eyeliners.

5. Using kohl eyeliners, you get a natural look rather than the look of other cosmetic eyeliners.

6. Medicinal properties are present in Kohl eyeliner.

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