Lawyer Vs. Attorney

Difference Between lawyer And Attorney

Actually there is nothing to prevent anyone from calling himself a lawyer. The concept of a lawyer is not protected and also a person who does not really have any knowledge of the law can thus call himself a lawyer. However, lawyer is a person who has a Master’s degree in law from a university. To obtain a Master’s degree diploma is equivalent to four and a half years of university studies in law school at one of the universities.

Not anyone can call himself an attorney. The title attorney is protected by law and only those who have been admitted to the Bar Association may call themselves an attorney. One must have the legal practice for atleast 5 years before he is admitted in the bar association.

Of these five years, at least three must have been performed as an associate at a law firm or that he has run his own law firm in the same time. Several confirmations are to be made before a person is given the title of attorney. Anyone who calls himself a attorney without being a member of the Bar Association is committing a criminal act and is subject to legal prosecution.

Attorneys are under the supervision of the Bar Association, which implies that an attorney must follow certain ethical rules. If these rules are not followed then an attorney may be dismissed from his post and a serious disciplinary action may be taken against him/her. After dismissal from the Bar Association the person no longer has the right to call himself a lawyer.

Furthermore, a lawyer now constantly undergoes some training when he or she would have been admitted as an attorney.

In summary, the requirements for an attorney are significantly higher than those to be a lawyer. An attorney, as stated earlier, under the supervision of the Bar Association must follow certain ethical rules and meet several other requirements which is not the case with those who are only lawyers.


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