Lays Chips vs. Pringles Chips

Difference Between Lays Chips and Pringles Chips

Lays chips and Pringles chips are both fried snacks that are very popular. Both of these have a wide range of flavors and tastes are delicious. Some of these tastes are barbeque, sour cream and onion and a taste for classic piece of potato.

Lays Chips

Lays Chips are made from potatoes, salt and oil with no preservatives added to the chip. They come in a bag, they are fine and everyone is a different size and shape. Lays Chips are crisp and salty as they do a great job of carrying out the burning desire to have a snack. Lays also manufactures a line of low fat fries for those worried about gaining weight.

Pringles chips

The Pringles snack chips are made from potatoes, salt, oil, wheat starch, rice flour and some common food chemicals. They come in a tin and each fragment is the same size and shape and are evenly stacked up in the box, one on top of each other. Pringles chips are not greasy in nature and they also make a low fat version of their chips.

The difference between Lays chips and Pringles Chips

Lays snack chips and Pringles snack chips are really more different than similar. Lays snack chips are made from potatoes, salt and oil. On the other hand, Pringles chips have a few other ingredients added to them which Lays snack chips do not such as wheat starch and rice flour. Lays snack chips come in a bag and each piece is distinct from the latter in the shape and size while the Pringles chips come in a tin and each piece looks exactly like the one before it no surprises at all.

Both Lays and Pringles are unique in their own right. Most people enjoy both, but most also appreciate one over the other. To make everyone happy, it would not be a bad idea to have two brands of chips at your inventory of snacks at home.


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