Lds vs. Christian

Difference Between LDS and Christian

Churches of past, or Mormonism, are a form of Christianity that is different from the traditional form of Christianity.

They share the views of other Christian denominations in the atonement and resurrection of Jesus, and accept the Bible as Scripture, with multiple scripts in the “Book of Mormon.” They practice baptism in other churches after Christianity.

Joseph Smith believed that the Bible has been corrupted and lost a few pounds that have been ignored by the Catholic Church and was a revised version of the Bible. His teachings included 3 rolls with a wonderful place for people of sin, baptism for the dead and polygamy, have been condemned by the church but run by fundamentalist Mormons.

He considered Adam as the father of Jesus, and Jesus as subordinate to him. Mormons believe that Jesus was born again as an ordinary man.

Other Christian churches do not recognize Mormon baptism. Some consider Mormons or LDS as a cult in a Christian church

Summary :.

1 Christian people believe in Jesus as God and follow his teachings, while the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days, or Mormons, is a form of Christianity that differs from other Christian churches.

2 Christians have a belief that God is omnipotent, while the LDS believe that God is subject to the laws of nature.

3. Both LDS Christian churches accept the Bible as Scripture, but Mormons have multiple versions of the “Book of Mormon .”

4.. LDS believe that God the Father was also a man with a woman who gave birth to the spirits, they come to divinity after death and resurrection, while Christians believe that God is divine and not human and has a wife.

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