Leadership vs. Management

Difference between Leadership and Management 

Management is almost always associated with leadership. They have many similarities yet they also have their own differences. Instead of making one dominant over the other, these differences actually go hand in hand.

What is Management?

Management uses the traditional style of businesses in which there are subordinates who are do what they’re told in exchange for a promised reward, usually in the form of salaries or a bonus. Management usually comes from stable backgrounds and has authority over these subordinates. They are not risk takers and they avoid conflict as much as possible. They therefore tend to strictly follow rules and regulations. Management does not like being blamed for mistakes, so they pass the blame to their subordinates. They are, however, first to take credit for good performance.

What is Leadership?

Leadership uses a charismatic, transformational style. Instead of telling people what to do, leaders appeal to the workers so that they would be willing to do it out of their own free will. Leadership requires motivating, encouraging, and giving credit to people. Leadership is risk seeking and willing to take the blame in order to protect followers. Leaders would happily break rules if it means getting things done.

In summary:

  • Management uses the traditional style of businesses while leadership uses a charismatic, transformational style
  • Management orders while leadership inspires
  • Management avoids risks and strictly follows rules and regulations while leadership seeks risks and breaks rules to get things done
  • Management pass blame and take credit while leadership takes the blame and gives credit

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