Leave vs. Abandon

Difference Between Leave and Abandon

Leave and Abandon are English words which often are used interchangeably. ‘Leave’ is a verb as well as a noun. ‘Abandon’ is a verb. In fact they are not same and they should be used carefully. They are not interchangeable. There is a difference between the meanings of the two. ‘Leave’ means ‘go away from something or somebody’. To find the difference, look at the examples below.

‘I’ll leave the office in half an hour.’

Here it implies that I will leave the office temporarily and come next day

On the other hand, ‘abandon’ means ‘to give something for good’. Look at the examples below-

He came across an abandoned house in the forest

In this sentence the house is empty and its owner has given it for good. So we say ‘abandoned house’ and not ‘left house’.

Thus we see the major difference in the meanings of the two words and should use the words carefully. Look at some more examples:

He abandoned the game.

Here the word gives the expression that someone has taken a retirement from a particular game and will not play further. Synonyms of the word ‘abandon’ are ‘to desert, ‘to forsake’.

Abandoned house = deserted house

A place abandoned by God = God forsaken place

The synonyms of the word ‘leave’ are ‘to depart’ and ‘bequeath’

For example,

He bequeathed $ 50000 to daughter’ = He left $50000 for his daughter.

He departed from home at 5 am    = He left the house a 5am.


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