Left Handed People vs. Right Handed People

Difference Between Left Handed People and Right Handed People

Studies show that left handed people constitute 15% and right handed people constitute 85 % of the total population.  People generally think that a left-handed person can write only with his left hand. But is not so. A left handed person may write with right hand. Surely left handed person writes with left hand faster. As researches reveals, left handedness is 1.5 more in males than their counterpart.

Normally, people writing with left hand performs all other functions like kicking, looking through a hole etc. with their right organs.

Left handedness accounts for both hereditary and environmental factors. Left handedness is believed to be caused by high level of testosterone in womb. It is considered that left handed people are less efficient in their daily tasks than right handed people. But it is not a fact. In fact they are equally efficient in their daily life functions such as cutting vegetables, opening bottles with opener.

There is another difference between left hander and right hander. Left-handed people have to face a social stigma in some cultures. They are considered against nature. But, researches show that left handed people are gifted with greater I. Q. than right hander.

Talented people like Heller Keller, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, U.S President Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton, Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe were all left handed.



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