Like vs. Would Like In English Grammar

Difference Between Like and Would Like In English Grammar

Like and would like are two types of usage in English which show a similarity more than the difference between them.

When ‘like’ is followed by a verb then it should be taken in sense of appreciation as in sentences ‘I like to sing’ and ‘I like to play cricket on the beach ’.

‘Would like’ is used in sense of wanting something:

1. I would like to go to the beach if the time allows.

2. Would you like anything to eat now?

In both sentences given above ‘would like’ is used in sense ‘want ‘. You will also see that ‘would like’ is in general followed by the infinitive ‘to’.

It is interesting to note that ‘like’ is also used to transmit a sense of ‘want ‘ as in sentences:

1. You can read the book when you like.

2. If you like to go now, you can.

In both sentences given above, you can see ‘ like’ is used in a sense which transmits idea of ‘ want ‘.

When you speak about things which you regret that you do not do then you can use would ‘want ‘ as in sentence ‘I would like to have visited the library at least once. ’ In this sentence you regretted that you do not visit the library at least once.

‘Like’ is normally followed on the other hand by gerund ‘ ing ‘ when it can suggest that sense of ‘ appreciation ‘ as in sentences:

1. I like to write poems.

2. She likes to speak to high voice.

In the first sentence you have an idea of ‘ I appreciate to write poems’ and in the second sentence you get an idea of’ Her appreciation to speak in a high voice ‘.

‘Like’ and ‘ would like ’ should be used with precision.


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