Living Things vs. Non Living Things

Difference Between Living Things and Non Living Things

One should have a clear idea about living and non living things. All the sciences are based on the difference of the two. There are things which move. We call them living. But problem arises when we find things which are static but living. Lets discuss one by one.

Living things

Living things are alive. To be called alive a thing has to breathe, grow, move and reproduce. But all these things are not sufficient to determine a thing living or non living. We are surrounded by living things such as human beings, animals, plants, insects, birds etc. All the living things require energy to preserve their lives. For this to happen they adopt certain methods.

Non-living things

Non living things have opposite characteristics. They do not grow as living things do as they do, they do not eat, drink , sleep and sense stimuli from the environment, if sense, then do not respond. But there are non living things which grow such as ice peaks. They grow in size but are not classified as living.

There is simple difference between the two. Living things live while non living things do not live. This implies that living things get energy for living. For example, human being eats and plants make food through photosynthesis and reproduce. Non living things do not require energy to grow. Living things can move themselves but non living things do not move until some external force makes them move. Living things die while non living things do not live because they have no life.


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