Marketing vs. Advertising

Difference between Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are two very important business tools which help in creating awareness about a product in the market. A combination of these strategies is used by most of the businesses to make their mark in the market.

Marketing is a way to send across the message about the product in the market. It involves research about the market, consumer requirements and demands so that the company can develop or change the product according to the market requirements. Marketing is really an important strategy because in the end it is the consumer who uses a service or a product and businesses need to work according to the needs and expectations of the consumers to survive in the market.

Advertising on the other hand is just a marketing tool which is used for sending across the information about a product or a service and creating its presence in the market and in the mind of the end user. It can be done through newspapers, TV, radio, direct marketing, personal selling, hoardings, banners etc. Some of the advertizing strategies focus on adding glamour and use celebrities to create the name of their brand easily in the market.

Here is a list of differences to make it easy to understand these concepts because most of the people do not understand the difference between them:

  1. Marketing is concept based on product, place, price and promotion and advertising is a component of marketing which focuses only on promotion of a product.
  2. Marketing is a huge concept that involves many stages and strategies and advertising is just one of those strategies and is used in reaching out to the consumers.

It is important for any business to understand the difference between these two concepts so as to pick the right marketing strategy and use the right advertising medium. To stay ahead in the competition lot of research is needed in terms of selection of the best advertising and marketing strategies.


  • Purely practical distinction is made between marketing and advertising. Marketing always overlaps advertising, advertising is just a segment in big picture of marketing. Advertising lacks strategic planning which is at the core of marketing.

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