MBA vs. Masters

Difference between MBA and Masters

MBA is the master’s degree in Business administration while masters can be done in a variety of subjects from arts, science and commerce fields.   Here is a list of differences between these two degrees:

  1. MBA makes you a business professional by offering knowledge of different aspects related to business. This would include marketing, finance, human relations and Operations etc. Masters degree aims to cover one particular subject and you study a subject extensively and gain expertise in that.
  2. MBA makes you a business professional while Masters in particular subject makes you an expert in that subject only.
  3. MBA is mostly of 3 years while Masters Degree is completed in 2 years.
  4. You can do research in the subject of your specialization at masters level while MBA is not accepted as a qualification for research.
  5. MBA qualified people work as business managers, Business consultants, administrators, marketing and advertising professionals etc. while a masters degree in a particular subject opens avenues for you in that particular field. You can teach that subject, do research on that or apply for the related jobs. For example you do masters in Economics then you can work in the statistics department, jobs in banks and financial institutions etc.