MBps vs. Mbps

Difference Between MBps and Mbps

MBps and Mbps appear to be similar but are very confusing for many. It is easily noticeable that the PS in the two mean per second, the main confusion lies in the use of lower case or capital B. Capital B refers to bytes and the lower case refers to bits. Anyway, MBps and Mbps in are used to express the rate of data transmission in every communication system including internet. We must know that one megabyte equals to 8 megabit.

The data transmission rates are important in measuring the level of performance of hardware devices. These transfer rates are used in connection with all the hardware devices such as USB ports or Fireware. The transfer rates are significant when the broadband companies trying to market their plans by making their plan to be one up on the competition. If you have basic knowledge of terminology, you can evaluate quickly the speed of data transfer than falling into confusion by using capital or lower case B.

When a company says it provides broadband Internet speeds of 128, 256, 512 Kbps and more in terms of Mbps, it speaks of Megabits per second. It is also the measure of the frequency bandwidth of a network.

But when you download a program or folder of the Internet, the data transmission speed is specified in terms of Kbps or Mbps is megabits per second.


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  • Brad

    hmm…, the whole purpose of this article was to explain that bandwidth is measured in ts pers second and that files and hard drives are measured in bytes (8 bits).
    Tthe file downloads would be measured in MB megabytes per second.
    You seem to have listed the download speed incorrectly as megabits per second.

  • Sparkinman

    it is Mbps… bits per second. So when you think you are going to download 1000 Mega Bytes every second… you are only downloading 125 Mega Bytes a second. Take the speed they say you are getting and divide it by 8… that’s what bytes you will be downloading per second.