Metaphor vs. Metonymy

Difference Between Metaphor and Metonymy

Metaphor and mytonymy areth figures of speech in English. People often get confused while using these terms as they interchange them. Metonymy is an associate while metaphor is a substitute.


Metaphor is a substitutions for another word or object. It expresses smilarity between two things and object. For example, ‘My love is a red-red rose.’ And  ‘life is a rough sea.’


Metonymy is an associationof words defining a specific term. A defferent word is linked to the original word. Metonymy replaces two slosely associated word. Metonymy is derived from two Greed words- ‘meta’ and ‘onoma’. Meta means ‘change’ while ‘onoma’ means ‘name’. Thus it refers to ‘change of name. Thus it combined togeher means ‘change of name’.

Difference between Metaphor and Metonymy

The chief difference between Metaphor and Metonymy is that Metaphor is the substituion of a similar word while metonymy is the associationof two contiguous words. Metaphor supresses the ideas while metonymy combines two ideas. In the use of Metaphor, the meaning of an object or a word is transferred to another word or object. But in metonymy there are no such transfer of meaning. Metaphor expresses the similarity between the two words or object while metonymy expresses the association of the words. People are more acquainted withmetaphor as they use ti very often. One should know how to use these different terms so as not to confuse them for one another.

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