Methodist vs. Baptist

Difference Between Methodist and Baptist

Methodists and Batists are the two doctrines in Christianity. Both a Methodist and a Baptist have a lot in common. Both of them equally believe in God and the bible. They both have their fundamental sacraments in common, that is both follow baptism and communion as a mean to get God’s Grace. They believe Christ to be the savior of human being.


Methodists firmly believe in the Holy Trinity.

A Methodist firmly believe in the Holy Trinity. They see Jesus as humanity and divinity. They consider the Bible as an holy book and suppose that there is role of God behind everything in the Universe and expect that God will again reign the universe. They think that batism and Holy Communion are the ways to get God’s grace.


Baptist doctrine gives freedom to the individual church. Baptists have a congregational governance system. As they give freedom to the church, many belief vary among Baptists. However all baptists are eventelic in doctrine. They believe that God is dead and will resurrect. They also believe in the second coming, that is God will return. Like methodists, they have their sacraments as baptism and Holy communion.

Difference between Methodist and Baptist

Though Methodis and Baptist have a lot of things in common, the difference lies in baptism. People of all ages are baptised by Methodists such as infants, childern, youth and adult etc. Immersion, sprindling and pouring are their methods of baptizing. On the other hand, only those youth who confess are baptized by Baptists. The method of baptizing is immersion. Another difference between the two is that Baptists allow all people in the holy communion while Mehtodists allow only those people who have been baptized.  Baptists have their independent congregation. They have their pastors too. On the other hand congregations of Methodists are assigned by bishops. Methodists allow women as pastors.

Thouth there are much in common between Baptist and Methodist, there is a marked difference between the two in a few areas.


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  • Ffredrick

    This article is TOTALLY WRONG!!!!! Baptists believe that God is dead??? thats not what we believe and Im Baptist.  The baptism statement is actually just the opposite…, many things wrong in this article.

  • this is wrong =/ our God is alive. He already rose up from dead.

  • Anonymous

    Here is my take on the difference:

    A Baptist who sees a hungry person will invite that person into his home. He will then tell/teach him about Jesus. Then he will give him something to eat.

    The Methodist will see a hungry person & invite him into his home. He will first give him something to eat. Then he will tell/teach him about Jesus.

  • The United Methodist Church invites all to Holy Communion – it is God’s table, not ours. This is wrong in the post,

  • Amy Patterson