Microsoft Windows Mobile vs. Google Android

Difference Between Microsoft Windows Mobile and Google Android

Both, the and google android and Microsoft Windows Mobile, are operating systems used in smart phones nowaday. Windows mobile operating system for mobile is created by Microsoft just as it has created operating system for Personal Computers. It has been in the market for a long time. Microsoft Windows Mobile is similar to windows used in PC. People use windows easily. They use it in their daily livies. So,they are acquianted well with windows mobile and its applications.

Google is the internet giant. It too has introduced its operating system named Android. It is expected to have high hopes from users. But it has not become so much popular because of its instabilities.

Difference between the two

Windows mobile has been developed by Microsoft. So its software comes with licences. The mobile manufacturing companies have to pay for them. On the contrary Google Android is a free source as it uses Linux. The Android encourages developer to release applictions without revealing code. For some profit, Google has combined a few applictions with Android. The latest version of Windows in the market is Windows 7 while Google has released it latest version Android 2.2. It includes features like FM Radio, OpenGL improvements, Flash 10.1, Color Trackball and JIT Compiler etc.

On the other hand Windows 7 Mobile has an attractive interface. Its features include multi touch technology, advanced web browser, automatic application updates, on screen text input, multimedia etc. It has also combined the services like Xbox Live, Windows Live, Bing, Zune.


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  • mikeydjs

    Seriously, if you’re going to write any sort of comparison review, spellcheck!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, you hadn’t really touched on what the differences really are, or the benefits of having one over the other. Now, with that being said, there are great advantages having either phone, and there are downsides as well. It really depends on your flavor. Microsoft has truly trimmed the fat that used to be Windows Mobile 6.5, and made the interface extremely attractive to look at, and easier to navigate. Google has had this from the start with Android however. Unfortunately for loyal WM users the new interface also meant that there were alot of tools left out of the new windows mobile, and the lack of being able to find a dev (developer) that has created a nice “cooked” rom (customized rom which has little to no bloatware in the device allowing for more internal memory and usually a more attractive interface, and sometimes even extra, more useful programs added in). One of my main gripes with the Windows 7 mobile phones is that there is no Wifi tethering added in, where with Android and WM 6.5 you have the capability. Another good bonus for Android is the google search engine, which is in my opinion by far better than bing, hands down! This allows the programs added or created for the AOS to utilize tools such as the “Genious Button” to have more, or better search results as a result all the while making for a better hands free experience. As more developers jump on the WM7 wagon, I have no doubt that it will become a far more formidable contender for Android or Apple’s iPhone, but for the meantime I’d say most people are better off going with Android.