Middle Class vs. Upper Class

Difference Between Middle Class and Upper Class

According to the economical and cultural conditions of people who live in a society the social strata is divided into various classes that are dependant on facts like relationship and ownership. The Middle and Upper class is such divisions in the society.

Upper class indicates to people who are living a life of comfort and ease and have all the facilities in their life that makes them lead a happy life unlike the people from lower social strata. Apart from natural issues people of this class dominate on most of the things and people around them.

The Middle Class refers to people who are living in an economic condition which is suitable but in some cases, they may have to face difficulties in terms of money, living or other facilities. They are below the economic condition of the people belonging to the upper class.

The social class of a person is determined by the nature of his job, the standard of his life and his economic conditions as well. However a person with an average income does not mean that he belongs to middle class.

The expenditure of upper class people is more than a person of a middle class. Standard of living, life style and income and the place of living is also a stark difference between the people of these classes. A middle class person can arrange money to visit places which will cost less money like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand where as upper class people will have no financial trouble to go to expensive places like Germany, England, and Australia. People from middle class can afford education from their home countries or countries that are financially cheaper in nature whereas the upper class people can easily afford education from countries education are costly. Middle class people need to save money to enjoy lot of things in life unlike the upper class people who can do it with out saving due to their strong economic conditions.


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  • mungo 21

    You are confusing class with financial wealth… not the case just because somebody has alot of disposable income doesnt mean they are Upper class, for example, say if a complete scumbag won the national lottery it would not make them Upper class, they would just be classed as new money… which in most cases have no class at all.