Midget vs. Dwarf

Difference Between Midget and Dwarf

Midgets and dwarfs are human beings that have very short height. Height in humans is determined by various factors like genes, nutrition and hormones which trigger the growth of the body. When you have a short height you are referred as a DWARF. Dwarfism in human is caused by a genetic disorder called Acondroplasia which is a disorder of autosomal dominance, i.e. if there is acondroplasia gene in the chromosome, one becomes a dwarf. Both men and women are equally affected by this disease which is genetic and can be transmitted to the future generations who in turn will be dwarf. In this condition, the lengths of body parts are quite inconsistent to the height; people have short hand and legs and have more curvature in the lower back. Midget is also a state where a child has short stature where the body proportions are consistent and people look like a miniature human being. Growth in the body takes place due to the GH hormone that is secreted by anterior pituitary gland. The hypothalamus controls the pituitary gland by the GHRH hormone whose deficiency from childhood leads to the stunted growth in a child which results in dwarfism. If treated early, this condition can be treated by applying GH externally.


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