Mineral Oil Vs. Shea Butter

Difference Between Mineral oil And Shea Butter

Many of the pharmacy’s products contain mineral oil but. it is best to ignore the pharmacy’s products and instead make your own.

What is mineral oil, What does it do to my body?

  • Forms a protective layer on the skin, making your skin to not emit or take in air. This means that the skin can not breathe.
  • The oil makes the skin soft, but to maintain the soft feel you need to use oil more frequently. This is because the mineral oil suffocates the body’s normal hydration function.
  • Mineral oil is used in the manufacture of gasoline, kerosene and asphalt, mineral oil is not recommended to eat but was previously used as a laxative. Contains no vitamins.

What is shea butter, what does it do to my body?

  • The butter will give you an oily and sticky sensation on the skin that stays up to several hours. The fat cream protects against the elements and preserves the skin’s moisture very well.
  • It is weakly infectious and anti-inflammatory, speeds up the healing of the skin. Ideal for dry and chapped skin. Feel free to use on eczema-
  • It has traces of vitamin E. Can alleviate scars and stretch marks because of the healing E-vitamin. Can be eaten, used as normal butter in Africa.



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