Mint vs. Yodlee

Difference Between Mint and Yodlee

There are various people who prefer the online management of their accounts and make use of various websites that are there online. Mint and Yodlee are two popular websites that offer programs for online money management. The best thing about them is that they are free and come with features that lead to better management of your money. Mint is an online service that at present is available to US and Canadian residents only. This program -founded by Aaron Patzer is very user friendly and allows the members to track their monetary transactions, set financial goals and budget, you can even make cash transactions via MINT. The US Company Yodlee gives it’s all its members the allowance to own a single Yodlee account and have precious information about their investments, credit cards, bank accounts etc apart from the facility of payment of utilities, finance management , expense tracker  and attractive investment options. Both Mint and Yodlee have tools which can be used to compare one’s monthly budget and he can know his situation in relation to his budget at any time. Both of these accounts allow the transfer of money from savings to a current account. Both these accounts can be accessed from the internet. However the operations are more elaborate in Yodlee and the external bank transfers are categorized better.


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