Miss Vs. Ms.

Difference Between Miss and Ms.

Marital status of a woman is largely determined by its title. Woman’s liberation movement has lead to a greater usage of the titles ‘Miss’ and ‘Ms.’ The title ‘Miss’ denotes or addresses a single woman while Ms could be a single woman or a married one. The use of these separate titles to denote the status of a woman clearly indicates the development of language and ideas in the society of those times. ‘Miss’ has its beginning in 1600 while the ‘Ms.’ began to circulate in the 1900’s.

Addressing females who are unmarried the title ‘Miss’ is a much respectable one. It can also be used when a particular female’s name is unknown. Mistress is the bigger form of Miss. The title Miss is also used in beauty contest like ‘Miss beautiful eyes’.

The titles Mr. and Sir do not indicate his marital status. So also woman’s movement was in full swing during 1900’s to use a title which will not define the marital status of a woman. ‘Ms’ came to be in use in 1950’s and was applicable to woman whose marital status was unknown. In 1970’s the movement gained momentum demanding equal status for woman in respect of men’s usage of the title ‘Mr.’ Again the title Ms. even began to denote a quality of a particular woman like  Ms dependability, Ms smart to name a few

These developments of titles clearly gives us a positive sign of the greater development of words in the world of language.


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