Difference Between MOA and AOA

MOA and AOA are important information provider for shareholders and stake holders of a company. MOA stands for Memorandum of Association while AOA stands for Articles of Association.  Both of them are documents which are important at the time when a company comes to exist. These have to be deposited with the registrar of companies who makes approval for the incorporation of a company. There are differences between MOA and AOA which should be clarified so that those who are stakeholders in a may have benefit because these documents highlight a lot about a particular company.


MOA is a document which highlights several things about a company. These things includes registered name and office address, aims of the company, share capital, clause of liability and minimum paid up capital. MOA provides information regarding the first shareholders and how many shares they have subscribed. MOA gives information to the people company and defines it relations with the world. When a company is formed, MOA has to submit to the registrar. But it is not mentioned in the company’s constitution. In the Company’ Act amendment in 2006, it is not mandatory to reveal the name, address, aims and objective etc. As a result a company may engage itself in any particular business.


AOA is sometimes referred to as Articles merely. They are to be submitted with the registrar of companies at the time when a company is incorporated. They along with MOA forms the constitution of a company. However, these articles are different in different countries. Generally, AOA is a document which gives the following information.


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