Money vs. Happiness

Difference Between Money and Happiness

Money and happiness are two interrelated concepts. In today’s world both of these complement each other and both are incomplete without each other.

Money can be earned and can be used to buy things which can make us feel happy. Happiness cannot be purchased or earned. It is something that you can feel. Both things have their own importance and you cannot replace one with the other.

If you are contented in life with what you have then you can be happy but it is not necessary that if you have money then you can be happy.  The world is getting more and more materialistic and this is why people tend to find happiness in the things that money can buy.

Many people are happy to have the things of basic needs like cloth, food and shelter while others are not happy even after possessing all the wealth. It depends on individuals that how much importance they give to money and happiness in their life.


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