Mosque vs. Dargah

Difference Between Mosque and Dargah

Dargah and Mosque are Islamic constructions exhibiting some differences between the two. A mosque is where followers of Islam worship. It is where Muslims prostratate to Allah which is termed as sujood.

On the other hand, A Dargah is a shrine constructed by the Muslims on the grave of their religious leader. The leader is usually a Sufi saint. The Sufi saint in Islam is considered the great servant of mankind and messenger of Allah. That is why they build a Dargah over the grave of a Sufi saint.

A Dargah is not a place of worship in Islam because in Islam, prostration is done only to Allah and not to a deceased  saint who is a messenger of Allah. On the other hand a mosque is a place of worship for the Muslims where they prostrate to Allah as a part of worship. This is the main difference between the two.

Dargah is only a graveyard while mosque is where the priest organizes prayers for the visitors. The head priest is called ‘Imam’. According to Islam the whole world is a place of worship except restroom and a graveyard.

One should note that mosque is also called masjid. It is also termed as masajid. It can be conclude that any place where the Muslims prostrate to Allah is a masjid or mosque.  A Muaddin lives in the mosque and his duty is to organize the prayers for the visitors. He gives adhaan to the Muslims in mosque. Muslim can make any place in the locality a mosque as they think that prostration to Allah can be made anywhere except a graveyard and restroom.


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