Motion vs. Bill

Difference Between Motion and Bill

In a parliamentary democracy the terms motion and bill are frequently used. Some people get confused while using them. In parliament, motion is brought to attention by a member of parliament so that it may be discussed in the house. Bills are of different types which are also presented in the parliament. Sometimes, newspapers mention that a motion became bill in the parliament. The situation becomes confusing for a common man. It may be mentioned that a motion could not become a bill.

A proposal concerning public interest moved by a member of parliament to attract the attention of the parliament is called a move. The move can merely be an opinion on an urgent issue concerning public interest. The house then discusses it. All motion are not discussed thoroughly. It may be that sometimes that the motion becomes a law after the parliament has passed it after discussion. It may be that the issue may not be considered as an important one and there is no need to make it a law. When a motion becomes a bill, it becomes a law. When a move is not taken as a serious matter to form a law it does not become a bill. Only a bill may become a law. That is the main difference between a motion and a bill.

Generally, a bill is presented by the government. It may be presented by a member or a committee. A motion is a proposal forwarded by a member of parliament for consideration. On the bill is draft of a law to be formed. This bill is based on the motion. We can conclude that a motion becomes a bill and then a bill becomes a law after the approval of the parliament.

A motion can be adopted, debated, amended and withdrawn whatever the parliament desire. It is raised by a member of parliament as is the rule of the house. Before raising a motion, the member has to give prior notice. Then he is allowed to raise the motion. When a motion is adopted for discussion, it is called a bill and a bill becomes a law when it is approved by the parliament with needed majority.


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