Mountain vs. Hill

Difference Between Mountain and Hill

Hill and mountain are used interchangeable in English. It is not proper. There is a difference between the two. A small natural elevation on the surface of the earth is called a hill. A mountain on the other hand is very large natural elevation on the surface of the earth. Thus the difference is regarding smallness and vastness. A mountain is large and has a high altitude. On the other hand hill is small and has lower altitude. A mountain may be more than two or three thousand feet in altitude. A hill has a normal height. This is the major difference between a mountain and a hill.

A hill may be artificial. A large heap of something may be called a hill. For example, a hill of potatoes or cucumbers kept for selling in vegetable market.

This is the reason why expressions such as ‘ant hill’ are used. A hill is an artificial heap or mound of some kind of substance. It is a natural heap or mound of earth raised about a cultivated plant or a group of such plants. Observe the expression ‘a hill of potatoes’. Some time the word mountain can be used as attribution to a word or in other words it can be used as an adjective qualifying a noun such as ‘mountain dew’, ‘mountain people’. It means people living in mountains.

A mountain has a summit. On the other hand hill is not marked by a summit. This is another difference between the two. But, the main difference between the two is due to the size of both of them.


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